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We shut this bookstore down several years ago, but still have a lot of books occupying our house. The inventory may be a bit off, so any orders will be checked, confirmed and then billed. All procedes from this sale will go towards the budget for Clarkesworld Magazine. All space freed up by books leaving the house will go to my kids. This sale ends November 19th and the minimum order size is $40.



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3F Publications

A.S.A.P. Ace Active Bladder
Agog! Press Aio Publisher Apartment 42 Publications
Apex Publications Aspect Avalon Publishing
Avon AvoNova Award

Babbage Press Back Brain Recluse Baen Books
Ballantine Books Bantam Books Bantam Falcon
Bantam Press UK Bantam Spectra BBC Books
Bedlam Press Belmont BenBella Books
Berkley Big Engine Biting Dog Press
Biting Dog Publications BJM Press Black Death Books
Black Library Publishing Blindside Publishing Bloodletting Press
Bloomsbury Bluejay Books Borderlands Press
Boulevard Boxtree Broken Mirrors Press
BT Buffalo Fantasy League Buzz City Press

Cacahuete Press Cahill Cambrian
Carnifex Press Carroll and Graf CDS Books
Cemetery Dance Charnel House City Contrast Publications
Cold Spring Press Condor Corrosion Press
Cosmos Books Creative Arts Creative Guy Publishing
Creeping Hemlock Press Crossroads Crowswing Books

D+66 Books Dale Books Dark Animus
Dark Arts Books Dark Discoveries Dark Tree Press
Daw Day Off Publications Del Rey
Delirium Books Dell Demonic
Die Monster Die! Books Dimension House Dimensions Books
DNA Publications Double Dragon Publishing Doubleday
Dream People Dreamhaven Publishing Durtro

e-reads Earthling Publications Edge Books
Edgewood Press Elastic Press Elder Signs Press
Endeavor Press Equilibrium Books Eraserhead Press

Faber and Faber Fairwood Press Fawcett Books
Feline Odyssey Firebird First Books
Five Star Fivebadgers Flesh and Blood Press
Fontana Forge Foundation Doubleday
Four Walls Eight Windows Frequency Press Frog Ltd. Tachyon Publications

Games Workshop Garden State Horror Writers Gauntlet
Ghoul's Side Press Globe Fearon Gold Eagle
Golden Gryphon Gollancz Grafton
Gray Friar Press

Haffner Press Harbinger Books Harcourt Brace
Hard Shell Word Factory Hardcastle Publications Harper
Harper EOS Harper Perennial Harper Prism
Harper Trophy HarperCollins HarperCollins Cotler
HarperSanFrancisco HarperTorch Headline
HellBound Books Hill House Publishers Horror World
Houghton Mifflin Company House of Dominion HW Press

ibooks IFD Infrapress
Invisible College Press ISFIC Press

Jove Books Juno Books

KaCSSFS Press Kerosina Knopf

L'Image Studios Lancer Laser Books
Legend Legend Century Leisure
Leisure Books Lodestone Lynx Books

M Press Maelstrom Books Magnum
Mandarin Marietta Publishing Mariner
Medusa Press Meisha Merlin Metropolitan Books
Midnight Library Millennium Millipede Press
Ministry of Whimsy Morpheus International Morrigan
Morrow Mythos Books

Naked Snake Press NAL Necessary Evil Press
Necro Publications NESFA Press New English Library
Night Shade Books Nocturne Press North Atlantic Books
Norton Nyx Books

Onyx Orb Overlook Connection Press
Overlook Press Owlswick Press

Padwolf Publishing Pageant PageFree
Pan Paperback Library Pendragon Press
Penguin Penguin Canada Penguin Putnam
Penguin Razorbill Per Aspera Perennial
Permuted Press Pinnacle Books Pipers' Ash Limited
Pirate Writings Pitch Black Playboy Press
Plume Pocket Books Pocket Star
Popular Library Prime Books PS Publishing
Pulphouse Pulphouse Axolotl Putnam
Pyr Pyramid


Rack and Ruin Rainfall Books Random House
Raw Dog Screaming Press Rayo Robert J. Sawyer Books

Sam's Dot Publishing Scholastic Science Fiction Poetry Association
Scribner Scrybe Press Shocklines Press
Signet Signet Books Silver Lake Publishing
Simon and Schuster Simon Pulse Small Beer Press
Soft Skull Press Solitude Publications Southern Rose Productions
Sphere Spike Split Milk Press
Spyre St. Martins Press Stark House
Starscape Stealth Subterranean Press
Succubus Press Suddenly Press Swan Press

Tachyon Publications Target Telos Publishing
Tempo Temporary Culture Tesseract Books
The Library of America The Rose Press The Spectre Library
Thunder's Mouth Press Titan TOR
TOR UK Tropism Press TSR
TTA Press Two Cranes Press Two Wolf Press

Ultramarine Undaunted Press Underwood
Underwood Miller Unibook Unknown
UnWrecked Press

Velocity Press Viking Vintage
Vox 13 Publishing Voyager

W. Paul Ganley: Publisher Warner Books WCS
Wheatland Press White Eagle Coffee Store Press White Noise Press
White Wolf Wildside Press Windstorm Creative
Wordcraft of Oregon Wormhole Books WSFA Press
Wyrm Publishing

Yard Dog Press



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