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We shut this bookstore down several years ago, but still have a lot of books occupying our house. The inventory may be a bit off, so any orders will be checked, confirmed and then billed. All procedes from this sale will go towards the budget for Clarkesworld Magazine. All space freed up by books leaving the house will go to my kids. This sale ends November 19th and the minimum order size is $40.



Book Cover Twentieth Century Ghosts

Twentieth Century Ghosts
by Joe Hill

Signed Limited Edition Hardcover (1 of 500 Numbered)

Publisher: PS Publishing (2005)
ISBN: 1904619479

Out of stock. It is not likely that we will receive more copies of this book.



Imogene is young, beautiful, kisses like a movie star, and knows everything about every film ever made. She's also dead, the legendary ghost of the Rosebud theater, and one afternoon in 1945, a boy named Alec Sheldon will have an unforgettable encounter with her... in the dark...

Arthur Roth is a lonely kid with a head full of big ideas and a gift for getting his ass kicked. It's hard to make friends when you're the only inflatable boy in town...

Francis is unhappy. Francis is picked on. Francis doesn't have a life, a hope, a chance. Francis was human once, but that's behind him now. Francis is an eight-foot tall locust, and all of Calliphora, Nevada will shudder to hear him sing...

John Finney is in trouble. The kidnapper locked him in a basement, a place stained with the blood of half a dozen other murdered children. With him, in his subterranean cell, is an antique phone, long since disconnected... but it rings at night, anyway, with calls from the dead...

Eric is a twentysomething burnout, who just lost a girlfriend and a job. Once, though, he was the Red Bolt, and with his home-made cape he could fly. Now the cape is back in his hands, and Eric's future is looking up... and up...

Nolan Lerner is guilty. His past is a thing choked with secrets, blood and sunflowers. Only Nolan can tell the story of what really happened one summer in 1977, when his younger brother, an idiot savant named Morris, built a vast cardboard fort, with secret doors inside, doors leading into other worlds...

Like Morris Lerner's impossible cardboard fortress, 20th Century Ghoss is big enough to get lost in, a maze filled with exits into a vast country of the surreal. With an assortment of dazzling ideas stickier than flypaper, Joe Hill's unforgettable first collection introduces a startling new imagination.

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